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Graffiti love

February 14, 2016

Hello Lovers,

Happy Valentines day! Never  stop loving and remember that everything is better in two. So we decided to write about Melbourne's cool street art which we visited together ofcourse...


Another of Melbourne’s great attractions is her mix of culture and art; and a popular example of why this beautiful city is unique and known as one of best cultural cities in the world is a really cool side street we visited called “Hosier and Rutledge Lane”. Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, directly across from Federation Square, this amazing graffiti lane-way has been acknowledged, along with a number of other locations within the CBD, by the City of Melbourne as a place where approved graffiti artists can express their artistic flare on the surrounding public buildings.

It is a brilliant idea to allow this form of legal street art, as it contributes to a vibrant urban environment, especially allowing many local and undiscovered artists to show off their remarkable talent.


As we strolled the lane-way and surrounding streets, Joseph wore a casual white t-shirt from Zara, black Guess watch, short cream chinos from Top Man and Adidas Yeezy’s. While I dressed in a Zara turtleneck top, gold vintage shorts, Adidas Yeezy’s, Colette purse and Dior sunglasses.


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XOXO, JPlove




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