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Stuttgart City

May 31, 2016

Stuttgart is a unique city located in the Southern region of Germany, it has a strong history going back to the 1st century which is seen in there amazing landmarks located throughout the city. Home to 2.5 million people, the endless amount of clothing stores and exotic variety of restaurants caters for all people making Stuttgart amongst the most livable cities in Germany.

Heading into town from Freiburg, the 2 hour drive left us hungry, so the first stop we made was to a little Mexican restaurant known as 'Sausalitos' here we indulged ourselves with some Quesadillas, a salad and a couple of cheeky cocktails. After having an amazing lunch we decided to explore the city, finding ourselves directly on the main strip called Konigstrasse where all the major department stores, boutiques and cafes are located. As per usual Petra found herself with one too many shopping bags, but, in saying that she bought herself an amazing Jo Mallone Perfume in the Douglas store and has an amazing variety of both male and female beauty products. After our long shopping spree we decided to enjoy a coffee at the end of Konigstrasse which lead us to an amazing park that had live musicians and a great family atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed our little post on Stuttgart, check out our photos for details on what we wore on the day. Make sure to share, like and comment on our FB and Instagram for daily photos and posts.

Lots of love JPfashlifestyle  




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