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Magical Milan

January 17, 2017

Milan a city that does not disappoint.



First we look at the amazing Duomo di Milano or also known as Basilica cattedrale metropolitana di Santa Maria Nascentest took almost six centuriest to build and is the largest church in Italy. The Milan Cathedral is locateed in the city centre, towering above all surrounding buildings and the structure truly defines the beauty and power of Milan.



Next we did a little bit of shopping at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele it is great for luxury shopping and had the most beautiful Swarovski Christmas tree in the centre of the Galleria. On the outskirts of the Galleria was one the most amazing Pizza restaurants 'Spontini' where the Pizza base is thick, the ham freshly sliced topped off with mouth watering melted mozzeralla making it a Pizza lovers heaven!

Even for New Years Eve Galleria was absolutely beautiful!


 ... Being a fan of AC Milan, the San Siro was a must. The 80,000 seated stadium was breath taking giving any football fan goosebumps in short the photos are self  explanitory.

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