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Rab - a hidden gem of the Adriatic

June 19, 2017

Our beautiful weekend away to the northern Croatian coast was absolutely breath taking, our destination was the old city of Rab, which sure did not disappoint.


Our journey began as always in Zagreb, we drove 3hrs to the Adriatic Sea where we caught a 15min Ferry across to the beautiful island of Rab.

At first the Eastern side of the island looks very dull, little life, small amount of vegetation & rocky shore lines layered with stone. However, as we made our way through the rough terain & drove along the shore line we eventually saw paradise. All of the sudden the isloated island became a place full of life greenery & the only way to describe its beauty as breathtaking.













 As we arrived to the the city we were taken direct to the Hotel Arbiana . The hotel was amazing, staff were lovely genuinely warming from the minute we arrived to the day we left, we had an amazing sea view from the top floor, our room was cattered with all the necesserties which we needed and a letter which formally presented our arrival.






Because we arrived late afternoon we took a little time to relax, then went below to the outdoor restaurant known as Agatini Vrtovi located in the garden of the hotel. The food was absolutely delicious & probably my favourite place to eat on the island as the food was fresh, very well prepared, whilst being deliciously experimental, abosolutely loved it. Later that night we then went to see Le Montmartre a French Chanson which was held at St. Johns Church.





The next morning  we were treated to an amazing buffet at the Hotel Arbiana where we endulged ourselves in the huge variety of food. Then we left for a historical presentation of the Balestrieri. The archers who participate in the Rab Games (Rapska Fjera). It is a replica of the Middle Ages as the cross bow played an important role in defending the town from siege.  The tournament which is held at St. Christopher Square is the main attraction of the 3 day event which also involves traditional crafts, dancers, songs & food.





After learning a little more about the history of Rab we then went onto learn how to make the delicious Rapska Torta (Cake of Rab) at the nearby Bakery Vilma.  The Cake of Rab is recognised for its unique blend of almonds, orange zest, sugar crystals, scented lemon and a peculiar taste of the Maraskino liqueur that makes the unique delicacy known as the Cake of Rab. The cake dates back to the year 1177 when it was served for the first time to Pope Alexander II after benediction of St. Mary's Ascension Cathedral at Rab. The Cake of Rab was known as a specialty even 300 years ago during Venetian reign in wealthy houses of Rab's patricians. It was served during festive ceremonies as it was a very expensive cake at the time. Thankfully today the cake is a lot more affordible for everyone to enjoy.







We then had lunch at Gostionica Gožinka, a family business it is the oldest restaurant on the island. The food was delicious as we were spoilt with a 5 course menu with the main being a 4kg Zubatac (Dentex Dentex) slowly cooked ispod peke (roasted fish under the bell) between us 10. Also the fish are freshly caught in the morning by the restaurants fisherman. I must say the food was to die for, staff absolutely amazing and blessed to have such great company to top it off.






We then made our way over to Lopar which is located on the northern part Rab. Here we socked in some sunshine on Paradise Beach (Rajska Plaža) & jumped in the Adriatic to cool off. We also enjoyed the Sand Sculpture Festival 2017 where artists create sand sculptures . For several days in June, Paradise Beach (Rajska plaža) hosts a unique exhibition of imaginative sand creations.







Later that evening we returned to our hotel, freshened up, had a light dinner, then we went onto enjoying the Rab Corners (Rapski Kantuni) a list of talented young artists located in hidden spots through out the old town where you can enjoy some local wine & acoustic music.




We had so much fun on the happy island of Rab, we would like to thank Tourist Organisation Rab for this amazing opportunity & hope to see you all again soon.

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