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Petra's Bridal Shower

July 9, 2018

Hiii everyone!


It’s good to be back after a long time :)

I’m sorry I was too busy organising my new life in Australia ...


This is one exciting post and I have to admit my favourite. I’m getting married this year and I can’t explain how excited I am ... 


Just one part of the whole wedding process is girls bridal shower and that’s exactly what I will be writing about today!


I had mine at home and Josip’s mother organised with a little help from Veronika (Josip’s brother’s girlfriend) . They did amazing job and I can’t be more thankful and happy at the moment...


Quick details about decorations and outfit:

As you can see on the photos I had the most prettiest chairs ever haha - and they are from “Amica Event Hire”.

Flowers and cake decorations are from “The Petalier” Melbourne florist.

Amazing cookies are from "The Sweet Cookie Boutique".


The cake was made by Josip’s grandma and she did an amazing job!


The rest was all organised by Valerie and Veronika so if you have any extra questions let me know and I will ask them.


Dress is “Misha Collection” and the shoes are “Jimmy Choo”.























Thank you so much for your kind comments and best wishes. I hope you liked my bridal shower as much as I did and see you on my Instagram - @fashfitlifestyle


Lots of love,

Petra xoxo

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