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Petra's Bachelorette party

August 16, 2018

Hello peeps! Here we go again, in bridal mood of course hehe :)  I will write alot about my wedding preparations and all the wedding stuff so prepare youself for the wedding spam 😁.


Today I will write about my two Bachelorette parties (yeah, I really did have two hah) that happened 10 days ago in Croatia and about a month ago in Australia.

First I will write a bit about Croatian one and then I will say a few words about Australian one .


Sooo, me and my girls had a sailing boat at the Croatian coast for 3 days and it was amazing! I actually had the time of my life and I couldn't ask for a better Bachelorette party.


Sailing boat was from Croatian agency called "Instant Sailing" and I will tell you that they are the most professional agency I ever worked with. I was speaking to a girl named Tonka and she gave 100%. You can see when someone is doing something from love and really wants the best for their clients. I think you can see how much I liked working with them so if you are in Croatia feel free to contact them because they will make sure you have the best time.

We also had an amazing skipper who showed us all the pretty bays and took us to the prettiest places where you can't come without the boat.


The trip started on Friday and ended on Sunday so we had a chance to go clubbing on Saturday night and we chose to see Vodice, little city next to Sibenik. It was a massive night in Vodice as they had a big festival called "Vodicka festa". Just to remind you that I got engaged in Vodice too so it was cool to be back :)

After a big night in Vodice we continued sailing around the islands . 

We also visited amazing beach bar "Hakuna Matata" in bay Vrgada and had few cocktails and really good time. 


Now about the Australian one, hmmm haha...

It was also AMAZING! Thanks to my bridesmaid Veronika and this amazing agency "Men of Dreams Australia"  who organised a massive surprise and they came with Jaxon from the show "Love Island Australia" in the pink limousine and drove with us to the club "Finesse" in the city. I can tell you it was THE BEST ever and if you are organising a bachelorette party soon make sure you contact them! They also have an amazing live shows!


In the end, both of them were amazing and I can tell you it was everything I dreamed about hehe. 


Now it's time to plan our wedding and I can't wait to show you every step of it.


Stay tuned and follow me on Instagram for all the details and informations.

And if you have any questions about my outfits feel free to ask, but most of it was from my store "Street Box".


...and the dress from the Australian one is from "Fashionnova". Heels are from "iKrush".


Now enjoy all the pics and let me know your thoughts.






























Love you,




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