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B-day picnic

February 8, 2019

Welcome back to JPkonyit world!


Today we will be writing about Petra's birthday picnic :)


She just turned 27 and we wanted to do something different with our family this year so we decided to spend the day in nature. It was an amazing and sunny day and we all came to hang out, eat some food, have a few drinks and just enjoy Petra's day.


Location was right next to Botanical Gardens in the city! We had an amazing view of the city but we were still in the nature; you can't go wrong.


Regarding to food; we prepared meals at home and just served it all at the park. We brought some meat, vegetable and dips for platters, then chips, fruit salads, cakes and all different types of snacks.


All decorations were from Kmart! It's so cheap but it looks so good! 

Carpets were $30, balloons around $15, platter $8, cutlery maybe $10 and the rest was like under $20 each.


So the point is - You can always make it cheap but fun, and it can always look cute. Just be creative!


Also Petra's dress was from Zara and shoes from Guliver (store from Croatia).


AAAAnnndd that was it! Have a look at all the pics below and also check our YouTube channel for Petra's birthday vlog.
















B-day vlog:



Thank you for your time and we hope you got inspired for your next B-day party :)


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Lots of love,


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