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March 11, 2019

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Petra x LOVISA

March 11, 2019

Hello ladies,


Welcome back to our blog! Today I will be writing about my latest jewellery favourites from Lovisa.


As you can see I'm still not over summer and I just looove these pieces. I picked these pieces because they are so versatile and can be worn on any outfit. I love the gold details and it looks good with any colour.


As you can see I have combined these items to create a beachy look. Perfect for those summer parties either by the pool or by the beach; you will always look glammed up with them as part of your outfit.


The scarf can be also worn around your neck, or as a statement piece on your handbag or even around your hat.


The seashell earrings are cute and fun because they are asymmetrical which adds flair to your look.


The wooden hoops are amazing for summer and even autumn as they give a slight boho feel. The gold detailing however makes them stand out more.


I hope you liked my favourites at the moment! You can find them all on www.lovisa.com


Make sure you follow me on Instagram for more fashion looks and let me know your thoughts.

















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